Cheyenne’s Premier PC Gaming Cafe

Community Guidelines
Our goal is to provide Cheyenne with the premier gaming experience.  Therefore, by playing here in The Annex, you agree to the following community guidelines:


  • Be respectful in all interactions, online & offline.
  • Play all games and tournaments with honor.
  • All are welcome in The Annex.  
  • Gamers 12 and under need to be accompanied by a person 16 or older.
  • Mature rated games 
  • may be set to the recommended age defaults at staff’s discretion.
  • Language or comments that demean other people based on their group identity (race, gender, age, politics, orientation, religion, etc.) are unacceptable.
  • While gaming, drinks must be placed in cup holders and have a lid / top.
  • If you damage any equipment you will need to pay for a replacement.
  • Please remember that The Annex is under 24/7 recorded video monitoring.
  • Parent’s may ask staff to limit their children’s access to certain games.
  • If you are playing a Mature game, please be aware of who is around you. 
  • Respect the decisions and directions of the Gaming Host.

205 WEST 18th STREET


(307) 459-GAME